Declan Hayes Analyzes Ireland’s Tactics in Russia


Ireland’s politicians, journalists and sundry other two bit gatekeepers are even more determined to drag us into World War Three than their equivalents were in 1914; often, in the case of Crown Catholic WEF flunkey and Cork Merchant Prince Simon Coveney, they are the very same Redmondite families with the same motivation Redmond’s Ballybricken Pig Buyers’ Association lot had then. On the other side of the fence, on “our” side of the fence, there are very few sane voices, even fewer than there were in 1914 and, just like then, sanity will probably only come, not so much with Pearse’s “Red Wine of Europe” but with giant mushroom clouds over Dublin, Cork, Shannon and Knock Airports, all of which Leinster House has made legitimate targets. The repeated terrorist attacks on the Russian Embassy, the repeated visits of Ukrainain Nazi leaders to Leinster House and the fact that almost 50% of the Ukrainian economic migrants here are men of military age, a considerable portion of whom are Nazi affiliated, make us eminently qualified to be the recipients of muiltiple first strikes. We can’t play the innocent in all of this as our leaders have deliberately torn to shreds the moral capital Sean McBride, Frank Aiken and Dev built up in their day.

In signs of what is coming down the road, there are now several businesses in central Dublin displaying Russophobic posters, which would be hate crimes if our leaders were not such bought and paid for Russophobes themselves. The CIA use this type of terrorism widely in the Gulf region where “no Shias need apply” as if their money ain’t green. The catalysts there are Saudi funded ISIS imams. Here they are CIA funded.
I have reached out to a number of Irish “activists”and vulnerable immigrants confronting these gangs of imported racists but divide, conquer and terrorise mean few are up to it. Just as they exercise the party whip to enforce hare coursing of all things, so also do external bungs mean all major groupings in Leinster House are on NATO’s side of the aisle of this one.

In Britain, the mainland as these people call it, Stop the War, CND and similar groups have collapsed thanks largely to their infiltration by British and Irish intelligence and sundry CIA and ISIS affiliated Trotskyists. Here is no different.

As regards what can be done in our Wiliam Martin Murphy world, the best that can be done is to support those vulnerable immigrants under attack from both our home grown and imported Nazis and agents. Though pickets and inevitable confrontations are one avenue, video interviews for wider release are another, not least because appealing to Simon Coveney or any other Redmondite Crown Catholic is a waste of time.
It seems Strumpet City has found itself back in those heady days of what are wrongly called the Revolutionary years (1913-23). Protests are afoot all over Western Europe but not in Vichy Ireland where the Redmondites keep the lid on things with bribes and denial, whilst having their radical crisis actors in reserve to divert protests.
Though there is a chance much of this threat of mushroom clouds will blow over if Biden gets hammered in the mid terms, the greater likelihood is he will get the 101st Airborne to push on in an act of military madness that will make the Charge of the Light Brigade sound like the essence of military brilliance.
If we are to stop Biden’s Kiev junta bringing us “home (to Jesus) by Christmas, we must act or otherwise kiss our world goodbye. I have made some suggestions I will act on. I am open to others.



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