EU Chief Likens Qatar-Morocco Scandal to Narcos Show


The corruption scandal in Brussels which has so far arrested 4 EU officials and recovered around 1.5 million euros is cash is being compared to a gangster Netflix series by the European Commission’s own economy chief.

An Italian, Paolo Gentiloni, could have called it the “Italian Job” as three of the four arrested were from Italy, the country which gave the world The Mob, popularized by epic Holllywood movies like The Godfather.

But no doubt wanting to avoid cliches and national stereotypes, he said it was like something out of crime drama television series “Narcos”.

“What we saw were scenes worthy of Netflix, of Narcos,” Gentiloni said in an interview with Italian RAI public radio, calling the so-called “Qatargate” involving corruption and money laundering as “shameful” and damaging to the reputation of EU institutions, reports Reuters.

Earlier this month, Belgian authorities charged four people linked to the European Parliament on allegations that World Cup host Qatar lavished them with cash and gifts to influence decision-making, only for further allegations to surface that there were links to Morocco.


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