Saied Targets Judges in Tunisia’s Crackdown


Following the calamity in Tunisia, where the incumbent President is facing a vote of confidence by the Tunisian people at the polls and many calls from various civil society groups to stand down, Saied is fighting back, with the judiciary still in his sights.

Tunisian prosecutors asked the top judicial body to strip 13 judges of immunity so they can be tried on terror charges, their lawyer said on December 28th, describing the case as “purely political.”

The move comes nearly seven months after President Kais Saied sacked 57 judges, accusing them of corruption and blocking enquiries into two left-wing political figures in 2013, among other purported transgressions.

Defense lawyer Ayachi Hammami said the 13 were among 49 judges reinstated in August.

But the Justice Ministry has been investigating his 13 clients for “terrorist crimes mentioned in security reports,” he added.

“This case is purely political,” Hammami said.

The accused judges are to appear before the Supreme Judicial Council on January 24, he said.

Saied staged a dramatic power grab in July 2021, sacking the government, suspending parliament and rocking the foundations of the only democracy to have emerged from the Arab Spring uprisings.




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