Can Moroccans really be the most dishonest in the world?


A recent study carried out by Swiss and American researchers has concluded that Moroccans are the most dishonest people in the world, reports

The exercise evaluated the degree of honesty in humans and found that most are generally honest, with the Swiss and the Scandinavians at the top of the list. However, it placed the Moroccans and the Chinese are at the bottom of the ranking.

The study, whose results were published on June 20, 2019 in the journal Science ,  was conducted in 355 cities in 40 countries where researchers voluntarily left wallets with different amounts of money, more or less, depending on the power of the person. purchase of the country. More than 17,000 wallets were “lost” containing between 13.45 and 100 US dollars with the local currency of each country.

The wallets also contained a key, a shopping list, and business cards showing the owner’s name and email address. “We used fictitious names of men but common in each country. The shopping list and business cards were all written in the local language to indicate that the person is a resident of the country.

The richest wallets are the most returned

The researchers were surprised by the unexpected results: “In virtually all countries, citizens were more likely to return wallets containing the most money,” they note. The rate of return averaged 51% when the sum was low and climbed to 72% when it was high.

According to the study, the Swiss and the Scandinavians are the most honest, while China, Morocco, Peru and Kazakhstan close the ranking. The proportion of returned wallets exceeded 70% in Norway and Switzerland. In China, less than 10% of employees did so for an empty wallet, and more than 20% when there were yuan.



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