Saied warns his enemies in Tunisia of further intimidation


Is Tunisian president Kais Saied planning an even sterner crackdown on political dissidents within how own country? Recent veiled threats made against a number of political parties seems to suggest so, following the total failure of parliamentary elections held on December 17tj.

On December 28th denounced a plot against state security and pointed fingers at certain parties without naming them. He pledged to hold them accountable “within the law” and prevent them from finding a “way out”.

According to Turkish news outlet Andoula Agency, during a ministerial meeting at the presidential palace in Carthage Saïed declared: “those who are steeped in corruption and betrayal (without naming them) cannot continue to attack state institutions and its symbols. And whoever undermines the internal and external security of the State will assume his responsibility”.

His warnings correspond with a general crackdown, which recently even netted judges, aimed at having more control, since a series of draconian measures he introduced after becoming President in 2019.


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At the end of November last, the public prosecutor’s office opened “an investigation against journalists, politicians and former civil servants for ‘conspiracy against internal state security’ and for having established contacts with foreign countries”.

“Tunisia has been experiencing a political, economic and social crisis since July 25, 2021, when the country’s president, Kaïs Saïed, imposed exceptional measures including the dissolution of the Superior Council of the Judiciary and of Parliament and the promulgation of laws by presidential decrees. Since then, a new Constitution was adopted by referendum on July 25, 2022 and the first round of early legislative elections was held on December 17” Andoula Agency explains.


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