CIA chief’s recent visit to Libya revealed – French report


New revelations about the controversial visit of a CIA chief to Libya are coming to light, challenging the narrative that the US wanted to give political support to the incumbent Prime Minister there during what is seen as a crisis of confidence in him by a critical group of Arab countries.

The French intelligence website “Africa Intelligence” published a report in which it claimed that the visit of the Director of US Intelligence, William Burns, to Tripoli earlier this month was intended to warn of the influence of the “Russian Wagner” group in many oil fields . in Libya .

The site added that Washington is concerned about Wagner’s control of many oil fields, which gives Russia new influence in the energy market.

According to the site, Washington denounced Cairo’s role as the main supporter of Khalifa Haftar, and its frosty relations with the head of the national unity government, Abdel Hamid al-Dabaiba.

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He indicated that it strongly opposes the alliance between Cairo and Haftar.

Furthermore, the site said that Washington warned against any attempt to close the oil sites and the use of force to obstruct the electoral process, and in particular to push for the appointment of US diplomat Kenneth Gluck as chief assistant in the United Nations Support Mission in Libya.

Washington aspires to obtain an agreement devoid of “enmity” that would encourage Haftar to dispense with the services of the Russian Wagner, which is stationed in the Oil Crescent, Jufra and Benghazi regions, according to the site.

The intelligence site denied Burns’ travel to Benghazi and his meeting with Haftar, pointing out that the latter had received the US charge d’affaires in Libya, Leslie Ordman, and the deputy commander of the US Air Force in Africa, General John de Lamontagne, in Benghazi .

The site also denied Burns’ demand to hand over Gaddafi’s intelligence chief, Abdullah al-Senussi, to the United States after his name was mentioned in the investigation into the 1988 Pan American flight bombing over Lockerbie, Scotland.



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