Russia Challenges France on Africa Colonialism


France continues treating African countries “from the point of view of its colonial past,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on February 1st reports Anadoula Agency.

“Each African country, in accordance with its interests, situation, and opportunities, speaks in favor of developing relations with a particular state. They don’t need a microphone in the Elysee Palace for this,” Zakharova told Anadolu at a press briefing in Moscow.

“They have every opportunity to voice everything they want to say on their own.”

If African countries consider it necessary to develop relations with Russia, that “has nothing to do with (French President Emmanuel) Macron, with the Elysee Palace, and with France,” she added.

“French colonialism on the African continent has ended. The era when African countries had to ask someone, in particular France, before making a sovereign decision has ended,” she stressed.

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For many years, African countries have proven their ability to be independent and defend their independence, Zakharova said, adding that Russia has actively supported the continent’s decolonization.

Macron’s comments about Africa are “for self-promotion … (and) to show involvement in global matters,” she said.

Russia is building relations with Africa “outside the context of the influence of the French,” she continued.

“We are not interested in what they say in Paris. We are interested in what each individual country says and the African Union says, we are interested in their position,” said Zakharova.

“Unlike France, our principled position on this issue has never changed. Whether it was in the Soviet time or whether it is in today’s Russia, we have always seen sovereign, independent partners in African countries,” she added.

Russia has its “own relations with each country,” she continued.

“And we do without the advice of Paris. I’m talking about both Russia and Africa now,” she added.


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