Algerian mother murdered in horrific park attack in Paris


Spiraling relations between Algeria and France, following the latter’s role in assisting a political dissident’s escape via Tunisia, will not be eased by the news of what appears to be a possible racist killing against an Algerian citizen in Paris

The body of an Algerian national was discovered murdered in a park in Paris, France, reports Algeria Focus. The victim, Asia M., 46, a mother of three, has been missing since January 31, the website claims. It was her husband who reported her missing earlier this month, before police found her decapitated body in the city park.

Investigations are underway to find out the circumstances of the victim’s death and to determine the perpetrator of this criminal act. Police were able to identify the body through fingerprint analysis which suggests the victims head was in poor condition.

The discovery of the body led to the closure of the large park in Paris. Parts of the victim’s body were also found dumped elsewhere, pointing to possible abuse of her body.

This case has shocked public opinion in France, which is indignant at the gratuitous violence to which Asia M has been subjected. The authorities have called for calm and have promised to shed light on this case.

President Macron is trying patch up relations between Algiers and Paris following the escape of Amira Bouraoui which Algeria accuses France of helping leave Algeria illegally.

Algeria recalled its ambassador to Paris after Amira Bouraoui , a rights activist detained during the 2019 mass protests in Algeria and freed from prison in 2020, had allegedly crossed into Tunisia illegally after evading Algerian judicial surveillance, according to Algerian and French media.

Some speculation in France points to the increasing numbers of violence against women. Feminist associations have also expressed their indignation at this heinous crime.



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