Hash lab opens in Morocco for food and big pharma


Morocco has inaugurated the country’s first laboratory for medical and industrial use of cannabis, Anadolu News Agency reports.

In a statement, the Cooperative Bio Cannat said on Monday 6th March the lab in the north-western city of Chefchaouen will be used to process cannabis in food and pharmaceutical industries.

According to the statement, the lab had obtained a permit for the use of cannabis in industry and medicine in October 2022.

It said the substance will be used in food, industrial, medical and paramedical industries due to the many scientifically proven benefits in relieving pain.

“There will be agricultural experiments with some farmers in Chefchaouen in order to provide raw materials after having provided the seeds intended for this purpose,” it added.

Last November, the Interior Ministry said its efforts to tackle illegal cannabis trade had led to an approximately 80 per cent drop in its cultivation.

Last year, Moroccan unveiled a plan for the medical and industrial use of cannabis. It has also passed a law to legalise the use of the substance in industry and medicine.



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