US competes with Italy to offer Libya empty words

Haftar: "Isn't there a limit to how far you can keep churning out this bullshit and doing nothing to help Libya become a democracy?" Leaf: "Oh no, we can keep this up for decades, trust me"


Talk is cheap in Libya where it would seem the US is competing with EU countries for the prize of empty, meaningless statements and non committal “yaddah yaddah” in what is unmistakably an irony free zone.

Washington kicked off on May 5th affirming its commitment to support the Libyan people’s democratic aspirations, the US embassy in Libya said in a rambling, meaningless statement which was excremental in its moral tutelage and democracy talking points but was barely worth the inkjet cartridge which printed it.

It also said that Washington seeks the same for the Libyan people and stands with them in their calls for national unity, full restoration of sovereignty, and equitable development.

The statement didn’t have any impact though neither on the Libyan people nor the elite who continue to reap huge benefits by exploiting a political standoff which has led to endless delays to presidential elections. Some analysts even argue that the US doesn’t even want elections as there is no clear leader which the US favours and it frets over the distinct possibility of Ghaddafi’s son taking precipitous prize.

However, that doesn’t stop the tomes of material and endearing statements from Washington being pumped through the diplomatic sphincter of its embassy in the war torn country which is largely in the deplorable state it is in due to US failed policies which started with a botched NATO operation in 2011 to “restore” democracy.

Levity and irony aside, on March 24, the US announced its 10-Year strategic plan for Libya to prevent conflict and promote stability in the country – a document which so far has proved to be as useful as a sex toy made of puff pastry and is so useless that it didn’t even make the anodyne pages of the esteemed Libya Update.

Meanwhile, according to reports, hundreds of Libyan residents continued to protest on the same day in Martyrs’ Square in Al-Zawiya, against corruption spread in their city.

Also on May 5th, the Libyan National Security Adviser, Ibrahim Bushnaf held a meeting with the Head of the Civil Society Commission, Mabrouka Gumaa on the same day that Khalifa Haftar met with Italian right wing premiere Georgia Meloni – a meeting in Rome which was supposed to find a solution to the migrant crisis but in fact resulted in no progress at all other than annoying the whining, odious French President Emmanuel Macron.

Bushnaf and Gumaa discussed the working mechanisms of civil society organizations in Libya “in a way that does not prejudice the country’s national security constants.” The meeting touched on the work of a number of international organizations and institutions in Libya, and a number of issues that threaten to destabilize the country although there was no mention of the disingenuous role that the US and some EU countries play.



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