Challenges to Algeria’s African Military Aspirations

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Algerian Army Chief of Staff Al-Said Chanegriha advocated a new military approach to combating terrorism in Africa, by launching new mechanisms that fuse one’s own capabilities away from regional and international influences.

Observers believe that Algeria is trying to use the war on terrorism as a cover to enhance its role and presence in Africa, and it is betting to pass its agenda on the erosion of French influence and the struggle of opposites in the brown continent, which is not expected to be resolved soon in favor of one party or the other.

Observers point out that the ongoing efforts to activate the staff command mechanism of the armies of the Sahel countries, which have already suffered a setback in the absence of the enthusiasm of the countries of the region, reflect Algeria’s insistence on playing a greater role at the military level in Africa, but this is not without complications.

The Algerian Army Chief of Staff, General Said Chanegriha, affirmed that his country “is pleading for the adoption of a new African approach related to combating terrorism based on fighting armed groups and preventing all forms of extremism,” hinting at Algeria’s intention to crystallize the African self-effort instead of seeking help from powers outside the continent. Chenegriha pointed out that “with Algeria’s commitment and the determination of the national army, we will move forward with our regional mechanisms and support all efforts to establish international, continental and regional peace and security.”

During his participation in the work of the eleventh meeting of the Chiefs of Staff Committee, and the tenth meeting of the Council of Defense Ministers of the member states of the North African region capacity at the level of the National Army Club in the capital, the Algerian general stated that “the challenges facing our region require us to work on cooperation to reduce violence, extremism and all forms of violence.” “Transnational crime.”

Algeria had taken the initiative to call for the establishment of a command mechanism for the staff and armies of the Sahel countries during the past years, and it had taken the city of Tamanrasset in the far south as the capital of the initiative. transboundary.

Algeria has recently been pushing for the revival of the initiative according to a broader vision, within the framework of a strategy that reflects its intentions to lead the African scene in this field, relying in this on the huge capabilities that it monitors for armaments, the army and logistics, and is also paving itself to be the locomotive of the African approach to combating terrorism, although The matter collides with France’s attempt to restore its lost glory in the brown continent after the departure of its armies from the continent, in addition to the expansion of the Russian “Wagner” forces in a number of capitals and African countries.

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The military cooperation agreement concluded between Algeria and Niger to monitor the common land border, and the open security cooperation with Mauritania to secure the road project linking Tindouf and Zouerate, reflected one of the aspects of the Algerian military approach aimed at expanding its influence under the banner of “African capabilities to solve African problems.”

A remarkable movement of the Algerian military institution has been observed in the recent period, through the institution’s leaders receiving many African and even Arab delegations, reflecting a trend towards strengthening the army’s presence and expanding the scope of continental and regional coordination.

The Commander of the Sixth Military Region, Major General Muhammad Ajroud, had received a few days ago the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Nigerian Armed Forces, Brigadier General Ibrahim Issa Bulama, to strengthen and demarcate the bilateral agreement to monitor the border strip linking the two countries.

A statement by the Algerian Ministry of Defense stated that “within the framework of strengthening ways of bilateral military cooperation between Algeria and Niger, Brigadier General Ibrahim Issa Bulama, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Nigerian Armed Forces, arrived at the territory of the Sixth Military Region, at the head of a military delegation, where he was received by Major General Mohamed Ajroud, Commander of the Sixth Military Region. “.

The Ministry of Defense statement added, “During this visit, Major General Mohamed Ajroud chaired a coordination meeting with the guest Nigerian delegation, in the presence of Major General Belkacem Hasnat, Head of the Employment and Preparation Department of the People’s National Army Staff, and high cadres from the People’s National Army.”

He said that the two parties discussed “ways to embody in the field the security approach adopted by the supreme command of the armies of the two countries in the field of confronting various forms of security threats, foremost of which is the fight against terrorism and transnational organized crime as well as illegal immigration, in this regard it was agreed on the need to intensify field operational coordination by programming patrols.” shared on the entire border strip separating Algeria and Niger.

He continued, “During this meeting, Brigadier General Ibrahim Issa Bulama confirmed the congruence of the visions and analyzes of the leaderships of the two countries regarding current security issues. He also took the opportunity to stress that his country is fully prepared to strengthen bilateral military cooperation.

Algeria says that it advocates for the necessity of balancing social and economic solutions, while mobilizing military and security capabilities to combat extremism and terrorism. What is related to amicable solutions and the payment of ransoms, which constitute an important source of funding for terrorist groups operating in the region.


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