Algeria and Portugal attempt to improve relations and trade


Algeria is reaching out to its neighbours in the region to seek new alliances against terrorism and illegal immigration, even with countries which oppose its position on Western Sahara.

On May 23rd, Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune held talks in Lisbon with the President of Portugal, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa in a move which will vex the elite in Rabat who were celebrating at the beginning of May Portugal’s continued support for Morocco’s objectives in Western Sahara.

According to Arab World, the conversation concerned the principal issue of illegal migration and terrorism in the Mediterranean. Tebboune recounted to the press that  “the situation in Libya, Mali, the Sahel, Western Sahara, and Palestinian territories, as well as what is happening between Ukraine and Russia, two friendly countries” was at the forefront of their discussion. In order to underscore the necessity for more global cooperation, President de Sousa reiterated Portugal’s zero tolerance policy against terrorism and illegal migration. 

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The President of Portugal remarked that this meeting comes in an effort to “deepen the excellent bilateral ties” between Portugal and Algeria. In addition to the pressing issue of migration and terrorism, developing mutually beneficial economic cooperation was integral for both parties.  In order to facilitate the beginning of a more fruitful partnership, Tebboune is accompanied on his three-day visit to Portugal by businessmen who will partake in an Algerian-Portuguese business forum. The forum will cover a range of topics, among them, tourism and energy. 

With both Presidents wishing to strengthen political and diplomatic relations, President Tebboune described the conversation as “fruitful, open and honest,” stating that they will enhance regular political discussions that showcase Portugal and Algeria’s dynamic partnership. 


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