Wagner Group accused of gun running in Mali


America suspects Russia of using its growing prescence in Africa to aquire weapons for the war in Ukraine, placing further presssure on Joe Biden who wants to step up US prescence on the continent to counter Moscow’s activities.

On May 22nd, State Department Spokesperson, Matt Miller, announced that Russia’s Wagner Group is attempting to purchase weapons from foreign suppliers and transport them through Mali for the Russia War on Ukraine. According to Miller “Wagner is trying to obscure its efforts to acquire military equipment for use in Ukraine, including by working through third-party countries where it has a foothold.” 

According to Al Arabiya, while no conclusive evidence of the acquisitions being finalized or executed has emerged, Miller affirmed that the situation remains monitored. This recent announcement further sheds light on the numerous US sanctions on entities and individuals who lend support to Wagner’s military operations. 

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Amidst the expansion of the Wagner Group’s sphere of influence throughout the African continent, the rationale behind the recent visit of CIA Chief Bill Burns to Libya becomes abundantly clear. It appears that the pressing matter of security, alongside the seemingly intertwined concern surrounding the presence of the Wagner Group, dominated the discussions during Burns’ visit. 

While the exact nature and outcomes of these deliberations remain to be seen, the convergence of these events underscores the growing awareness and scrutiny surrounding the Wagner Group’s activities, amplifying the need for proactive engagement and strategic diplomacy in tackling this complex geopolitical challenge.



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