Tunisia is granted $500 million loan from African bank


The Tunisian parliament’s House of Representatives announced on June 1st that Tunisia will receive the $500 million they requested from the African Export-Import Bank, according to The National. 

MP Malik Kammoun told The National that “the loan is a temporary solution for Tunisia’s current crisis.”

A more long-term solution for Tunisia is still being worked on by the Tunisian parliament’s finance committee and a bailout package from the International Monetary Fund remains pending. 

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This financial assistance is crucial for Tunisia to avoid a collapse and stabilize its public finances. However, President Kais Saied has firmly rejected any conditional financial package that could cause further hardships for Tunisian citizens, emphasizing the government’s unwillingness to privatize public institutions, saying “it is out of question for the state to dispose of its public institutions” to receive any sort of conditional funding. 

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has consistently called for Tunisia to implement reforms, including subsidy reductions and improved management of public sector institutions.

The National


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