Eastern Libyan forces deport thousands of Egyptians


Eastern Libyan forces are cracking down on migrant smuggling and taking measures to deport migrants back to their home countries, according to Reuters. 

In recent days, Eastern Libyan security forces have been expelling thousands of Egyptians found in Libya illegally. 

Reportedly, 4,000 Egyptian migrants were found during a raid on people traffickers, from which, the individuals in Libya illegally were deported back to Egypt. Though most of the individuals found were Egyptian nationals, some held other African nationalities. 

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The Egyptians found in Libya illegally were taken to a location 2km (1.25 miles) from the Egyptian border and were instructed to walk into Egypt. 

Currently, Libya is home to about half a million migrants, including many who plan to cross to Europe by boat. 

Though Italy has reported an increase in migrant boats arriving from Libya, measures are being taken and a Libyan source said security forces had destroyed a harbor used by people smugglers.



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