Ennahda hunger striker’s health critical in Tunisian prison


Ennahda Movement party leader Sabhi Atig has been on hunger strike for almost a month after being jailed by Tunisian President Kais Saied, and his health is in peril, according to The New Arab. Atig is one of dozens of arrests over the past few months in a severe crackdown targeting Saied’s political opponents

During a visit from Atig’s wife, Zainab Al-Marayhi, and his lawyer on June 5, prison authorities cut the visit short when Atig struggled to stand up and speak, and even fainted. According to Al-Marayhi, her husband has lost around 20kg and is now using a wheelchair due to his worsening state that has affected his stomach condition and heart disease. 

The prison doctor has warned Atig of the serious consequences of the hunger strike on his health, as he has fainted several times in recent days. However, Al-Marayhi stated that Atig is “determined to proceed with his strike.”

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Many officials from the Ennahda Movement have been targeted by Saied since his power grab in July 2021, including prominent party leader Rached Ghannouchi who was jailed April 17. Amnesty International reports that Saied and his government have been using vaguely worded laws to justify the series of arrests.

The New Arab


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