Grandmother from UK saved by emergency care in Morocco


While on vacation in Morocco, Tina Murphy, a grandmother from the UK, received life-saving care after having a heart attack and needing emergency care, according to The Daily Mail.

Tourist, Tina Murphy,  first noticed an ache in her arm at breakfast during the third day of her trip to Marrakech in December 2019. Murphy believed the pain was possibly heartburn and didn’t believe it to be indicative of a serious condition. 

But, as the day wore on, Murphy started experiencing chest pains to the point that her partner, John, decided to alert hotel staff to call a doctor. 

Ms Murphy said: ‘It wasn’t until the late afternoon that the pain got worse, it was getting tighter and then the chest pain was getting worse…Around 4:30pm I could feel a sensation going up my neck.’

The medic assessed the grandmother-of-three and phoned for an ambulance to take her to hospital. Upon arrival at Clinique International Marrakech, Murphy began experiencing severe pain, prompting her partner to alert medics who transferred her to an assessment room. 

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Ms Murphy said: “I still had no clue what was going on…They wheeled me out of the room and told my partner I was very poorly and he couldn’t come into the room…When we got in, I started to hear them all talking and they started talking about stents. At that point, I knew I was having a heart attack.”

Doctors discovered one of her main artery’s was blocked and successfully performed an angioplasty procedure, inserting three short wire mesh tubes – stents – to re-open it.

She was discharged after being monitored for seven days and has now made a full recovery. 

But Ms. Murphy cautioned she now worries about suffering a second attack. 

She added: ‘I have had a fear over the last few years thinking, ‘Could today be the day, when I won’t be as lucky?…It has been very difficult to deal with.’

Daily Mail


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