Israel’s First ‘African Lion’ War Games


Israel’s relations with Morocco are rapidly moving forward following a number of agreements struck of late, both in aeronotics and in transport. But the prize for both sides is a new relatioship on both defence cooperation and arms precurement.

Israel is set to participate for the first time in the ‘African Lion,’ the international war games put on by Morocco and the United States, which began in May.

An official statement from the Israeli army reported that a “delegation of 12 soldiers and commanders from the Golani Reconnaissance Battalion,” an elite unit in the IDF. The representatives from Israeli will be participating alongside 8,000 soldiers from 18 countries, including France, the United Kingdom, and Italy, according to Arab News.

Last year Israeli joined the event as an audience member, but this year, for the events 19th edition, Israeli soldiers will be on the ground. 

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“During the next two weeks, the soldiers will focus on training in various combat challenges that combine urban warfare and underground warfare, in which they will conclude in a common exercise for all participating armies,” the Israeli report detailed. 

The Moroccan Royal Armed Forces have reported that the games will include exercises in operational planning and fighting weapons of mass destruction, airborne operations, and tactical training for land, sea, and air special forces. 

Relations between Morocco and Israel were normalized in December 2020, and since then the two countries have been taking measures to increase cooperation in both political and military arenas.

Arab News and AFP


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