Mohammad al-Tamimi, a two-year-old Palestinian, was shot in the head by Israeli troops in the West Bank on June 1 and ultimately died from his wounds on June 5, according to AP and numerous other newswires. 

Al-Tamimi’s father, Haitham, told The Associated Press that he and his son were in the car on the way to visit the toddler’s uncle near their village of Nebi Saleh when bullets struck the vehicle, hitting both passengers. Mohammad was airlifted to Israel’s Safra Children’s Hospital where he was pronounced dead by doctors. 

Officials from the Israeli military reported that soldiers were responding to gunmen in the area who were reportedly firing at Jewish settlements. 

Israeli officials stated that they have opened an investigation into the incident, but human rights organizations warn that Israeli investigations into military incidents rarely result in prosecution, much less any sort of disciplinary action.

Mohammad’s death represents just the most recent in a string of unjustified Palestinian deaths that have resulted in outcries from members of the Arab public, especially citizens in Morocco whose government normalized relations in 2020 with the Abraham Accords. 

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West Bank and east Jerusalem have seen an increase in violence this year, with almost 120 recorded deaths of Palestinians at the hands of Israeli soldiers since the beginning of 2023. Comparatively, Palestinian attacks have killed 21 Israelis in the same areas. 

The Israeli government reports that the vast majority of Palestinians killed were members of armed groups. The Associated Press reports that this fraction is closer to half, as protesters can hardly be grouped into violent militias. 

The recent tragedy begs the question of how Israel will take responsibility and face repercussions for their human rights violations, especially amidst the growing trend of normalization between Israel and other Arab states.


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