Algeria-US partnership addresses security concerns


At the conclusion of their visit to Algeria, members of a US government delegation affirmed that the discussions held with security officials focused on fostering cooperation and addressing the issue of countering terrorism, according to Arab World.  

The security discussions, which took place on June 5th and 6th, included key points like exchanging information about extremists in the Sahel region, disrupting sources of terrorism financing, and monitoring suspicious financial transactions. In a press meeting in Algiers on June 6th, attended by Asharq Al-Awsat, the US delegation described the meetings as “fruitful.”

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Global Affairs Anna Morris and other prominent US officials held meetings with counterparts from various Algerian ministries, including Foreign Affairs, National Defense, Interior, and Finance. Morris commended Algeria’s significant efforts and effective policies in combating sources of terrorist financing. 

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A US official at the Department of Defense even went as far as saying that Algeria and the United States have a shared vision regarding the solutions to African problems. The same official clarified that issues should not be dealt with through military solutions, but rather through development. 

 Gregory LoGerfo, the Deputy Coordinator for the Bureau of Counterterrorism responsible for Regional and Multilateral Affairs, emphasized the partnership between Algeria and the United States in addressing security challenges in the Sahel region. He highlighted their shared goal of promoting prosperity and fostering security and stability, stating that Washington is a “reliable partner,” when it comes to a shared vision regarding the situation in Mali and Burkina Faso.

These discussions take place against the backdrop of recent extremist attacks in Mali and Burkina Faso, underscoring the urgency of addressing security challenges in the region.

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Amidst ongoing talks and collaborations between Algeria and the United States, it is worth noting that Algeria is also advancing its partnership with Russia. According to Arab World, Algeria and Russia are preparing to finalize and sign a “strategic alliance agreement” that will promote economic collaboration across various sectors. This agreement represents a significant step towards strengthening the bilateral ties between the two countries, which has raised concerns for both the Moroccan government and the Biden administration.

In addition to the “strategic alliance agreement,” Algeria is poised to sign a substantial arms contract with Russia, valued between $12-17 billion. As reported in November 2022, negotiations have been underway for a framework agreement that would supply Algeria with Russian military supplies for the next decade.  

The United States is committed to strengthening partnerships with African nations to combat terrorism and is prepared to offer resources and tools for addressing security concerns. However, during the discussions with Algerian officials, the topic of Algeria’s diversification of military weapons purchases or potential requests for US military equipment did not arise, although the delegation members confirmed that their government welcomed a supposed proposal. 

Arab World/Maghrebi


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