Algerian president fires media minister over UAE spy gaffe


Relations between the UAE and Algeria dangled on a thread for a few hours on June 20th when a colossal media gaffe was carried out by Algeria’s propaganda minister who is reported to have announced that the UAE Ambassador in Algiers had been kicked out of the country following spying activities.

Several state-aligned Algerian media outlets announced the expulsion of the UAE ambassador in Algiers over an alleged espionage affair with Israel’s Mossad involving Emirati citizens, reports the London-based Qatar sponsored New Arab.

An hour later, the Algerian foreign ministry issued a communiqué categorically denying “the fake news,” and stressed the strong and friendly ties between Algiers and Abu Dubai.

“The official spokesman for the Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs stresses the strength and solidity of the distinguished Algerian-Emirati bilateral relations that exist between the two brotherly countries and peoples, with a common desire to raise them to the highest levels,” read the statement from the Algerian foreign ministry.

The minister in question was fired promptly over the gaffe although it is believed that the President wanted him removed earlier but was hampered due to new media laws which were still being processed, promoting questions as to whether he was set up.

The dramatic saga continued with a press release of the Algerian Presidency declaring that the Minister of Communication, Mohamed Bouslimani has been dismissed.

“After consulting the Prime Minister, the President of the Republic, Mr Abdelmadjid Tebboune, ended today the duties of the Minister of Communication, Mohamed Bouslimani, and assigned the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Communication to manage the ministry’s affairs on behalf,” read the president’s statement.

On 25 April, Emirati President Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed sent an official invitation to President Tebboune to visit the UAE.

The New Arab/Maghrebi


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