Morocco’s $4B Tourism Win: Minister’s Kudos


Morocco’s tourism revenues reached over $4.1 billion at the end of May, new data from the Exchange Office has indicated, according to a number of state-friendly media outlets.

The number represents nearly a double increase compared to the tourism revenues recorded in the same period last year, although it is worth bearing in mind that last year the country was still suffering from post covid doldrums in the market.

According to the data, Morocco’s tourism revenues reached  $2.14 billion in May of last year.

This year, Morocco recorded over 1.1 million of tourist arrivals during the month of May alone.

“This represents a growth of +55% compared to May 2019, our reference year. This good performance has several explanations,” says Minister of Tourism Fatim Ezzahra Ammor said earlier this month, attributing this positive performance to “proactive efforts” that started before the end of the pandemic.

In reality, while the figures will please the government in Rabat, Morocco is still suffering from an underperforming economy with high levels of youth unemployment and food inflation not being tackled by the government.


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