Tunisian government fuels migrant crisis on Libyan border


Libyan border guards rescued 80 migrants from the desert left without food or water in Al-Assah a town near the Libyan border on Saturday 15th July, while two bodies were also found dead, AFP reported.

Since Tunisia received the offer of 1.5 billion euro ploy from EU countries, in an attempt to stop migrants crossing the Mediterranean Sea into Europe, the problem has only worsened. Before the bigger package is signed off, which technically is not for tackling the migrant crisis, EU leaders on July 16th met with Tunisian officials to sign off on an aid deal specifically for migrants of only 100 million euros. 

The Tunisian government has been forcibly moving masses of migrants out of coastal towns such as Sfax, where violence has been increasing between those hoping to leave via trafficked boats and residents. 

Groups of asylum seekers and migrants are also being dumped on the border of Algeria, without any humanitarian support drawing criticism from rights groups. “Migrants on the border could die if they are not given shelter and aid”, the Tunisian Forum for Economic and Social Rights said. 

Victims of the Tunisian government have been raped, beaten up, and had their personal belongings stolen along with any food intentionally thrown away.

Others have broken bones and open wounds.

“All of this was done by the Tunisian army. All of it. All of this was the Tunisians”, one migrant said.

Migrants who have stayed within the cities such as Sfax stated the abuse as having rocks thrown at them, robbed or being threatened with knives. 

Tunisian president, Kaia Saied, spoke out in February stating that the immigration plot would change the demography of Tunisia, and since that, the violence towards black Africans has only worsened.

However, the government has since spoken out against criticism stating: “The refugees have received treatment from ‘our values”, refusing to acknowledge the inhumane treatment of their citizens, regardless of the outside encouragement from the EU with the financial aid given to them months ago to help their economy.

One group has managed to raise $15500 for transporting sanitary products, nappies and any essential goods the migrants may need at this time, which they have no access to.


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