World Bank lends Morocco $350m for its water crisis


The World Bank has agreed to lend Morocco $350 million to enhance water security, MAP state news agency said on July 24th, according to Middle East on Line in London.

It said the Moroccan program aims to extend the drinking water and irrigation network.

The move is intended to compliment current initiatives set out by the government, which Maghrebi reported on May 1st, one of which is desalination plants.

Launched in 2020, the National Program for Potable Water Supply and Irrigation (PNAEPI, 2020-2027) is part of the framework of the 30-year National Water Plan (PNE, 2020-2050).

The PNAEPI is aimed at improving water security by accelerating investments in the water sector and increasing the resilience of drinking water supply and irrigation.

The World Bank Program will contribute to a sub-set of activities included in the PNAEPI, through three strategic, mutually reinforcing pillars: strengthening governance of the water sector; improving financial sustainability and water use efficiency and enabling the integration of non-conventional water resources.



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