Libya and Niger to receive Italian cash for migrant problem

Body of migrants drowned at sea, recovered in Libya- Reuters

Italy announced financial aid for both Libya and Niger on Saturday 22nd June to combat illegal migration arriving on European shores, according to Reuters.

The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Antonio Tajani, announced the allocation of 8.5 million euros to be distributed between three projects in Libya and 7.5 million euros between 2 projects in Niger. 

A statement by Tajini announced these projects as managing illegal migration in line with international human rights, training on the voluntary return of migrants and creating new educational opportunities for migrants and their host communities.

Tajani has promised to offer his operational capabilities to Libya and Nigeria through these schemes to combat traffickers.

It was only last week that the EU signed a deal with Tunisia, offering them 1 billion euros to tighten their borders and stop migrants leaving for countries such as Italy via the Med Sea.

With the migrant crisis at an all-time high, this money will mean migrants won’t be able to leave as easily, but neglects  to consider the border between neighbouring countries such as Tunisia, Libya and Algeria where immigration police find men, women and children dead daily. 

Saturday 15, 80 migrants were rescued by Libyan border force, with two dead as they endured no food, water or shade on the Tunisian-Libyan border.

Many Tunisian migrants had been walking at gunpoint, suffering immense violence, robbery and starvation, NGOs reported with imagery and videos last week.


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