Tunisians sleep on beach at night to cope with 50C heatwave


People in Tunisia are scrambling to find ways to call off as temperatures soared above 50 degrees celsius. Summer temperatures normally peak at 45 degrees in summer in the north African country, reports AFP.

The searing heat caused power cuts as demand outstretched supply.

“I have a doctor’s appointment, that’s why I’m outside. I went out with my water bottle, but it’s very hot. I’d rather be at home because I’m not used to going out (in this heat). I do my shopping early in the morning and whatever else I have to do. Then I lock myself in,” said Aïda Sherif, a Tunis resident.

In the capital Tunis, those with air conditioning stayed indoors while those who ventured out sought shelter under trees as they tried to stay hydrated.

African migrants are also suffering under such circumstances where, in some cases, they are being “rented” shaded space by Tunisians as they ponder their fate.


African migrants


Overnight, some people left their homes to sleep in tents erected on the beach.

“We’re off to the beach for a change. We’ll sit under an umbrella and come back in the late afternoon. We’ll be back when the temperatures drop. It’s hot in the Medina (the historic city centre). We’re going to cool off a bit, relax and have a good time,” said Elyes Nafti, a Tunis resident.

The heatwave has been blamed for the eruption of wild fires in the country and in neighboring Algeria, where 15 people have been killed according to the authorities.



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