US not yet evacuating its citizens from Niger


Despite threats made by neighbouring countries to Niger that they will attack any foreign countries’ forces if they deploy in Niger, the Americans are playing it very cool, which suggests that back channel talks are going on with the military juntas both in Mali and Burkina Faso.

The White House confirmed that The US is yet to make a decision to evacuate its citizens in Niger despite stressing that they are constantly monitoring the situation, according to Al Arabiya on August 1. 

John Kirby, America’s National Security Council spokesman stated that the US is aware of evacuations from European countries such as France but also noted that there were no indications of direct threats to US citizens or facilities. 

He stressed the importance for US citizens in the former French colony to keep a close eye for updates regarding the situation in Niger. 

US troops were unsuccessful in helping President Mohamed Bazoum who was ousted by a regional insurgency. Currently around 1,000 American troops are stationed in the country. 

Mr Kirby stated that the US had not taken part in the European airlifts saying, “There’s been no decision to use them in any way to support evacuation efforts by other countries”.  

Kirby assured that the United States support will remain unchanged for now however this will depend on how the situation unfolds in the future. 

President Bazoum was ousted as a result of a military coup causing distress in the region, also raising concerns amongst the country’s Western allies as there is fear the coup could mean the loss of influence to the Kremlin.  

Military officials in Niger are seen by many as being backers of Putin’s Russia.  

The National Security Council spokesman has been made aware that Russia “may want to take credit” for the turbulent scenes in the African nation but claimed there is no indication that the Russians were responsible. 

A Ukrainian official claimed that the Kremlin were behind Niger’s chaotic takeover. Mykhalio Podolyak, an adviser to Ukrainian President Zelensky claimed it was a standard Russian tactic, adding that Russia is committed to undermining global security. 







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