Morocco navy recovers bodies of 5 Senegalese


The Moroccan navy has recovered the bodies of five Senegalese migrants after their boat capsized off the coast of Western Sahara. 

It was reported that 5 migrants were found dead, and that the Moroccan navy also rescued 189 migrants from the sub-Saharan African region, according to the Saudi news website, Asharq Al Awsat, August 7. 

A military official stated that 11 other migrants were left in a critical condition and were taken to Hassan II hospital in the city of Dakhla in Western Sahara. 

The migrant boat capsized on August 5, off Guerguerat, a village in the south of Western Sahara close to  Mauritanian border, an unidentified official said.  

It is believed they were trying to reach Spain’s Canary Islands, a popular destination for migrants attempting to reach Europe for a better life.

The Moroccan navy have played their part in ensuring the safety of migrants in recent times, stating that from the period of July 10 to 17, they had to pull nearly 900 migrants to safety as migrant boat tragedies in the region are on the rise. 



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