Moroccan beach paedo shocks nation


A 57-year-old man was arrested this week after a video circulating online showed him making sexual advancements to a minor last weekend. 

The paedophile, who has often taken youngsters out on trips to El Jadida, just outside of the Moroccan city of Casablanca, was caught and quickly arrested by El Jadida’s police as a video of his inappropriate behaviour was recorded and had been spread across social media platforms. The chilling video was mostly present on Facebook, however it has also been doing the rounds on messaging app WhatsApp, reports Al Ahdath Al Maghribia, August 15. 

A holiday maker filmed the individual raping a child on a beach in El Jadida. It clearly shows the scene in such a way as to leave no room for any debate about the identity of the perpetrator and the obscene nature of his actions. He attempted to cover his face and that of his victim with a t-shirt in order to remain unidentified however, the recording shows the man’s face and part of his body. 

His movements implied that he was touching and kissing various private parts of the minor’s body. 

A further investigation into the 57-year-old’s actions will be carried out by the city’s police as the individual remains in custody. 

The perpetrator is a prominent individual in the running of an association-football school located in Casablanca and the sexual assault took place during whilst on a trip to one of El Jadida’s beaches. 

El Jadida is a popular holiday destination for Moroccans and Europeans as the city is known for its great beaches and holiday resorts. 

A complaint was made by the family of the victim who was able to identify the child in the scene despite the paedophile being identified also. also recognize the aggressor. In the complaint, she singled out the individual accusing him of sexually assaulting her nine-year-old child. 

The videos shocked the North African nation and people are determined to hear the verdict once a full investigation has been completed into all the incriminated facts and the verification of the allegations contained in the recordings, as well as the accusations noted by the parents of the victim in their complaint. 



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