Truce holds but 55 dead in Tripoli clashes 


Tripoli’s worst armed clashes in a year have resulted in the death of 55 people and wounded 146 as a truce took hold. 

Fighting took place on August 14 and 15 between the country’s influential 444 Brigade and the Al-Radaa led to over 200 casualties according to Libyan media. The two militias have attempted to seize power since an uprising in 2011 that toppled Libya’s veteran leader Moammar Gaddafi, reports Saudi news outlet Asharq Al-Awsat. 

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Despite less conflict in the North African country since 2020, Libya has faced over a decade of stop-start clashes since the ousting of Gaddafi by a NATO-backed revolt. 

Tripoli’s only civilian airport, Mitiga, an area controlled by Al-Radaa, reopened to commercial flights on August 16. Mitiga Airport closures, due to the 444 Brigade’s head Mahmoud Hamza’s detainment at the airport, resulted in flights being diverted to Misrata about 180 kilometers away from Mitiga. 



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