Morocco: 4 arrested for drug trafficking in Marrakech


Four individuals were arrested by the police in Marrakech en route to trying to deliver a large supply of cocaine and cannabis resin on Wednesday, 18th August.

The people were aged between 20 and 32, were caught by police for suspecting that they were involved in a drug possession and trafficking case, allegedly.

Upon questioning, the police seized their possession of 798 grams of cocaine and one kilogram of cannabis resin. The suspects were placed in police custody.

Therewith, the officers also seized two vehicles, which were suspected to have been attempting to deliver the shipment of substances.

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This police crackdown comes at a time when the country is grappling with a drug epidemic which has infiltrated many of its youth across communities and areas in recent months, due to the proliferation of a dangerous and highly addictive form of crack cocaine, known as “L’Poufa”, which had a devastating uptick of young users due to its cheap price.

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