Libya to deport hundreds of migrants from Africa


Libya’s authorities stated on August 21 that they would deport nearly 500 migrants from Nigeria and Egypt. 

General Imad Trabelsi, The Minister of Interior for the Tripoli-based government said that 192 migrants coming from Nigeria would be deported as well as planning to send back 294 migrants from Egypt  to the country’s capital city Cairo, according to Africa News, August 22. 

The minister added that Libya cannot bear the burden of irregular migration on its own as Libya continues to face crisises including clashes which took place earlier this month. 

Clashes between two rival militias broke out in Libya’s capital city, Tripoli. The deadly scenes on August 14, killed 45 people in what were the most brutal clashes seen in the north African country this year. 

Libya has been in stop-start conflict since the toppling of long-serving dictator, Muammar Gaddafi, in 2011 by a NATO-backed uprising. 

Around 600,000 migrants live in Libya as the United Nations and rights groups have been strong in their opposition to the violence against migrants by the Libyan authorities. 

This is despite Libya uniting with fellow north African country, Tunisia to help migrants, giving them basic needs such as shelter, food and drink as many migrants have been stuck at the border for weeks. 

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This year Tunisian authorities have been rounding up black African migrants and sending them to the border with Algeria and Libya, a move strongly criticised by the UN. 

North African countries have seen a rise in illegal migration as the respective countries have discussed how to solve the crisis. Libya is a major departing route for migrants, attempting dangerous journeys  in makeshift boats, with the intention of reaching Europe’s shores. 

Migrants try to get to the European continent in the hope of a better life however many get intercepted due to a spike in patrols in the Mediterranean and many have died (often as a result of their boats capsizing) attempting to reach the continent. 

Migrants attempting to get to Europe tend to come from the sub-Saharan African region. 



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