Libyan Militias Rally Against Turkish Occupation


An armed Libyan group has called for an armed uprising against Turkey’s occupation of a great part of Libya. 

The group, which is yet to be named, claimed that Turkey has “overreached in its control over key Libyan areas” such as Al-Watiya Airbase, Sidi Bilal Port and the  Khoms Port, a major shipping port in the country that is used for the transporting of car carriers, bulk carriers and containers, according to Asharq Al-Awsat and agencies, August 23. 

A country in North Africa that regularly experiences tensions, Libya’s is split in two in what continues to be a strongly divided country. The country’s long-lasting civil war resulted in two rival administrations being established in the east and the west. 

Libya’s capital city is recognised by the United Nations and continues to be supported by Turkey militarily as well as financially. The east is supported by the United Arab Emirates, the Russians and Egypt. 

The country’s east has called for the withdrawing of Turkish troops from Libya’s capital city. 

The armed group announced that all Turk-occupied regions of Libya were targets for them as a statement was released by them and published by local media this week on August 21. 

The statement noted, “Turkish bases and camps in Libya are nothing short of the initial steps towards colonization, and an attempt to drag Libya back into a bygone colonial era.” 

The group’s anti-colonialist action plan is aimed at ensuring that the North African nation is free from occupation of any kind. The armed uprising will send a message to the Turks that Libya won’t be occupied and that the country’s wealth and resources will not be snatched.  

Libya’s authorities did not comment following the group’s statement. 



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