All eyes on Libya as bodybuilders show off six packs


 Libya welcomed the Ashour Classic International Bodybuilding Championship as competitors from 17 different countries took to the stage in Tripoli, reports Africa News and agencies, September 5. 

Athletes from Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and Libya, amongst 13 other countries  were present at the competition on September 2, in the Libyan capital. 

It was the second time that the North African country hosted the competition.

Libya, which remains a divided country since the toppling of dictator, Muammar Gaddafi back in 2011, has two rival governments in the east and west. The country wanted to show that despite all its domestic issues, it can successfully host international events. 

The bodybuilding competition’s organiser, Mohamed Ashour said, “ The competition was organized at a professionally high level. We try every time to gain experience from previous tournaments. We are still trying to send out a message to the world that we can organize even better competitions than these, hopefully.” 

Ashour is also the Head of the Libya Association for Bodybuilding. 

Serj Sarikan, one of the tournament’s judges, noted that the bar was raised high in terms of the performances of the athletes. 

Sarikan stated, “There is a great number of athletes and big improvement. Everybody is in shape.” 

The tournament gives successful Libyan bodybuilders a platform, allowing them to potentially represent their country in higher profile international tournaments. 

Mohamed Ashour added, “It qualifies the winners of its various categories to participate in international competitions, such as the Mr. Olympia tournament that will be held in Las Vegas, United States”. 



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