6.8 magnitude earthquake hits central Morocco


A powerful earthquake shook central Morocco on September 9, according to data from the United States Geological Survey.

The epicenter occurred at a relatively shallow depth of 18.5 km, approximately 72 km southwest of Marrakesh and 56 km west of the Atlas Mountain town of Oukaimeden late at night.

Several videos circulating on social media depict the collapse of at least one building and debris scattered in the streets in Marrakech.

Other clips show individuals evacuating from various places, such as a shopping center, restaurants, and apartment complexes, gathering outside.

In Marrakesh, a local resident named Brahim Himmi told Reuters that he witnessed ambulances exiting the historic town and observed extensive damage to building exteriors. He noted that a significant number of people were anxious and chose to remain outdoors, fearing the possibility of another earthquake.


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