Algeria: FM’s visit a boost for relations with Turkey


Ahmed Attaf, Algeria’s Foreign Minister stressed that relations with Algeria and Turkey have strengthened politically and economically, reports Qatar-funded news website, Middle East Monitor, September 8. 

Attaf, 70, went of a three-day visit to Turkey as the two countries noted that they have the intention of raising their trade exchange to $10 billion. 

The North African country’s Foreign Minister was accompanied by Algerian delegates from 12 different ministerial departments. They all arrived in the Turkish capital, Ankara, on September 6. 

During a press conference with Attaf and the Turkish Foreign Minister, Hakan Fidan, the Algerian Foreign Minister noted that there have been strong improvements to bilateral relations with the respective countries and they are continuing to expand. 

Mr. Attaf said,Algeria has become Turkey’s second trading partner with bilateral trade exceeding $5 billion as well as the first destination for Turkish direct investments currently worth more than $6 billion.”. 

Turkey’s controversial President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who met with President Tebboune of Algeria in late July this year, will go on a visit to the Maghreb country soon, showing the strengthening of  bilateral relations of both countries in recent years. 

Erdogan’s visit will be the second session of the high-level cooperation council between the two parties. 



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