Algerian Judo Donations Help Moroccan Quake Victims


Despite the ongoing diplomatic feud between Algeria and Morocco, the Algerian people remain eager to provide assistance to their neighbors in times of need.

On September 10, the Algerian Federation of Judo announced on its Facebook page that its national team, along with members of the Moroccan national team, organized a blood donation campaign in “solidarity with the earthquake victims.”

The Algerian team is currently in Casablanca to participate in the 2023 African Judo Nations Championship.

The Facebook post received positive reactions from Algerian netizens who commended the national team’s initiative.

While Algeria and Morocco share a common history of struggle against French imperialism, the two nations have been in discord for much of their modern history.

In August 2021, Algeria decided to sever diplomatic ties, citing Morocco’s “hostile” actions, to which Rabat responded by saying it “regrets” Algiers’ decision.

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