France waits for formal request to aid Morocco


Paris has said that it is prepared to help Morocco and is waiting for a formal request for assistance, according to Al Arabiya and agencies, September 10. 

A 6.8 magnitude earthquake struck central Morocco on September 9, killing around 2,500 people, the strongest quake to hit the North African country in over 120 years. 

French President Emmanuel Macron, who attended the G20 summit on September 10, said at a news conference during the summit that, “France is ready to offer its aid to Morocco if Morocco decides it is useful.”. 

The G20 summit took place in India’s capital city, New Delhi, where various heads of states discussed issues such as the global economy, climate and energy, food security and the war in Ukraine amongst other key issues that the world is facing. 

With regards to the earthquake in Morocco, the French President added, “Moroccan authorities know exactly what can be delivered, the nature (of what can be delivered) and the timing. We are at their disposal. We did everything we could do, the second they request this aid, it will be deployed.” 

Several countries have offered to help Morocco following the deadly natural disaster. Poland and Israel have offered assistance, including the providing of search and rescue teams whilst Iraq, Jordan and Kuwait amongst other nations have offered to give all forms of aid possible to the country. 

Recently, Mr. Macron was scrutinised by a French MP for his stance on Morocco. Michele Tabarot of Les Republicains (centre-right party in France) said on August 29 during a party rally, “I resent him for having sacrificed our (France’s) relationship with Morocco in an attempt to cozy up to the Algerian government”. 

French Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Anne-Claire Legende noted that one French national died and eight suffered injuries as a result of the quake.  

In an interview with French news channel, BFM TV, on September 10, Legende stated that, “Our embassy in Morocco is fully mobilised. Today Moroccan authorities are in charge, an assessment (of the situation) is under way. At this stage Morocco has not asked for help”. 


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