Libya: Haftar’s son could throw his hat in Presidential race


General Khalifa Haftar’s son, Al-Siddiq Haftar, has hinted at a presidential run, reports Qatari news website Middle East Monitor, September 12. 

In an interview with Libyan media, Al-Siddiq Haftar,43, defended his family’s role in the turmoil-stricken North African country. 

Khalifa Haftar has been the commander of the Tobruk-based Libyan National Army (LNA) since March 2015. 

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In the interview the 43-year-old said, “I believe that I have the ability to positively heal the rift between Libyans and establish the principle of national reconciliation among all the Libyan people, and this role is at the heart of what (my) family does in defending the homeland on the civil side”. 

The younger Haftar said that he would run for President depending on the circumstances in the country as well as stressing that he would be a leader for all Libyans if he got elected to Libya’s top job. 

With regards to his Presidential candidacy he stated,” As for my presidential candidacy, this is up to the Libyan people who see it as a positive addition, and I have the ability to change the scene in a positive and effective way… I am ready to help members of the Libyan people in any position… from any position in which I have the ability… and my goal is to serve the Libyans and show our country in the beautiful image.” 

The country lacks unity and two rival administrations have been established following the two Libyan civil wars. 

The first civil war was key as it led to the toppling of long-time defacto ruler, Muammar Gaddafi, in a rebellion backed by NATO in 2011. 

Elections cannot take place without addressing the security situation in Libya. Without security and stability, the country cannot hold fair elections. 

Libya is expected to hold presidential elections this year however the UN called for legislative elections to take place before then on August 22. 

The United Nations noted that a government must be approved by all political parties to lead the country during the elections. 



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