Life in Marrakech returning to normalcy following earthquake


Life in Marrakech is gradually returning to normalcy following the deadly 6.8-magnitude earthquake that struck central Morocco on September 8th. Almost two weeks later, tourists have resumed tours to the city’s historic sites, while local authorities have restricted access to areas deemed dangerous due to earthquake damage, as reported by Asharq Al-Awsat and agencies.

On September 9, UNESCO expressed concern about the state of Marrakech’s World Heritage sites. Following a four-hour assessment, UNESCO announced that damage had affected iconic landmarks such as Koutoubia, Almoravid Dome, Badi Palace, Ben Youssef Madrasa, and Bahia Palace, among others.

Nighttime activities are also returning to normal, with shops, restaurants, and cafes reopening to tourists, according to Reuters.

However, in the villages surrounding Marrakech, some of which were hardest hit by the earthquake, life is far from returning to normal. Hundreds of families are now living in temporary camps.

To mitigate the earthquake’s impact on education, the Ministry of Education has established makeshift schools to replace almost 530 educational institutions rendered unusable by the earthquake.

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