Niger accepts Algeria’s mediation initiative


Algeria’s Foreign Ministry confirmed that Niger has accepted the country’s offer to mediate in its political crisis, according to France 24, October 2. 

 In a statement on national television, the ministry said that Niger, who has seen little stability especially since late July’s military coup, sent Algeria its official notification of acceptance of President Tebboune’s mediation initiative. 

The statement read, “The Algerian government has received via the Nigerien ministry of foreign affairs a (statement of) acceptance of Algerian mediation aimed at promoting a political solution to the crisis in Niger,”. 

The initiative was proposed in late August however Algiers did not hear back from Niger’s ruling junta until very recently. 

The West African state’s military leaders originally discussed a potential three-year transition back to democracy.  

Algeria has previously warned against a military intervention in the Western country to reinstate President Mohamed Bazoum. 

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The Foreign Ministry said in early August that, “Algeria cautions, calls for prudence and restraint in the face of aspirations of foreign military intervention, which unfortunately appear to be real and feasible options, while being factors that only complicate and exacerbate the current crisis.”   

Algeria’s President addressed the Niger issue at this year’s United Nations General Assembly in New York as well as lobbying for Palestine to be granted full membership of the world body. 

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Algeria’s diplomatic stance on the issue is at odds with the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) who have threatened to forcefully intervene in Niger if the democratically elected Bazoum was not reinstated. 

Niger’s rulers have allowed Burkinabe and Malian forces to base themselves in the turmoil-stricken nations should a military intervention come to fruition. 



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