Morocco France bedbug crisis attracts laughter and concern


France’s bedbug problem has become a contentious issue as the government announced that it would carry out emergency meetings on the matter, reports France 24, October 3. 

The increase in population over the past decades as well as the high reliance on commuting has attracted the blood-sucking bugs. 

The country seems to have become infested by the creatures as many citizens spotted them on public transport and areas. 

The issue is high on the agenda amidst France’s hosting of the Rugby World Cup in multiple cities. Also, all eyes will be on Paris as they prepare to host the 2024 Olympics, starting in July. 

Local authorities confirmed that schools in Marseille and the outskirts of Lyon had to be closed due to notable appearances of the tiny creatures.  

Late last month, government spokesperson, Olivier Veran attempted to reassure the public that the government was working tirelessly to tackle the infection. 

Veran, 43, told the national press that he will “rapidly bring answers for the French”. 

Brits have raised concerns that the bedbugs could spread to the neighbouring United Kingdom. Microbiologist, David Cain told Sky News UK recently that there could already be a ‘similar level’ of issue in London and the country more generally as there is in Paris. 

Many X- formerly Twitter- users poked fun at France’s unfortunate situation.

In Morocco, a former French Colony, The Ministry of Health and Social Protection recently announced that a health vigilant system would be put in place to prevent a potential parasite infection. 

The ministry noted that, “In response to information reporting the spread of the bedbug in a European country and in order to prevent any infiltration of this insect into the national territory, the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, in coordination with the various public authorities concerned by border health surveillance, announces the activation of the health vigilance and proactive surveillance system against any intrusion and spread of this insect,”.  

France 24/Reuters 


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