Morocco: thousands march in Rabat in support of Gaza


Thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of Rabat, on October 15, to express their unwavering support for Palestinians enduring the ongoing siege in Gaza. This massive rally, organized by a coalition of Islamist and leftist groups, marked the most significant anti-Israeli protest since the normalization of diplomatic relations in 2020.

The protesters chanted slogans such as “Palestine is resisting” and “All against normalization” while burning an Israeli flag, this event serves as a clear message from the Moroccan people, denouncing what they see as double standards in Western governments’ treatment of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The demonstration in Rabat, was a powerful display of solidarity with the Palestinian people, particularly those living under the siege in Gaza.

The mass turnout highlighted the extent of public concern and anger over the plight of Palestinians and the perceived inaction of international actors.

The protesters, expressed their frustration with the perceived double standards applied by many Western governments when addressing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Many demonstrators share this sentiment, feeling that the world’s leading powers have been turning a blind eye to Israel’s retaliatory strikes following attacks by Hamas.

The protest in Rabat is significant not only for its size but also because it comes on the heels of Morocco’s decision in 2020 to normalize diplomatic relations with Israel.


This step was part of a broader wave of normalization agreements between Israel and several Arab and Muslim-majority nations, known as the Abraham Accords.

While the normalization of relations promised increased economic cooperation and diplomatic exchanges, it was met with mixed reactions in Morocco and across the Arab world.

Critics argued that this move failed to address the root issues of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and amounted to a betrayal of Palestinian interests.

The ongoing tensions in Gaza, punctuated by sporadic escalations of violence, have created a sense of urgency and desperation among Palestinians, the protesters in Rabat believe that their voices need to be heard and that the international community should take a more proactive stance in addressing the root causes of the conflict.

The massive demonstration on October 15, sends a clear message to the world to highlights the mounting anti-Israeli sentiment in Morocco.


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