Libyans rally in protest over Gaza hospital strike

protests in Lybia


Israel’s long-sought peace with its Arab neighbors is looking increasingly doubtful, as Israel’s intensive air raids on the Gaza Strip are raising anger among Arabs across the Middle East and North Africa.

On October 17, hundreds of Libyans rallied in the capital Tripoli, and other cities across the country protesting the tragic strike on the biggest hospital in Gaza, according to a report from AFP cited in an article by Asharq Al Awsat. 

AFP reports that in the Libyan capital, people took to the streets holding Palestinian flags and covering their heads with Palestinian keffiyehs, a scarf that is associated with the country’s resistance movement. 

The crowd was collectively chanting pro-Palestinian slogans and denouncing the strike by the “Zionist enemy”.

Early estimates indicate that at least 200 people were killed on the October 17 hospital air strike, Palestinian health ministry said. Palestinian authorities blame Israeli forces for the strike.

Meanwhile, Israel denies any involvement in the act and maintains it was a “failure launch” from “militant group Islamic Jihad,” affiliated with Hamas.

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