Trump son in law tries to keep Abraham Accords alive


Jared Kushner stressed the importance of the Abraham Accords on October 25 amidst fiery tensions in the Middle East, reports Reuters. 

Kushner is the son in law of former US President Donald Trump and played a big part in the signing of a peace agreement between Israel and Arab countries. 

The Abraham Accords were signed shortly prior to the end of Trump’s tenure in the White House and refers to a set of documents between Israel, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates signed in September 2020. 

Morocco then joined the agreement in December of that year which was seen as a normalisation of ties with Israel amongst angry Moroccans. 

Morocco and the Maghreb region more generally attracts huge support for the Palestinian cause therefore ties with Israel remain a contentious issue. 

Speaking at a two-day Future Investment Initiative (FII) conference in Saudi Arabian capital Riyadh, Mr. Kushner noted that the Abraham Accords were “more important than ever”. 

The FII conference will take place from October 25 to 27. 

Kushner, a former advisor to Trump, is a strong supporter of Israel and is vocal in his opposition to Palestinian militant group Hamas. 

On October 11, four days after Hamas’ assault on Israel which killed 1,400 people, Kushner wrote on X (formerly Twitter), “Now more than ever it is critical that the world stand firmly with Israel. Eliminating or severely degrading Hamas, and liberating the Palestinian people from Hamas oppression, is the only way to end this senseless cycle of violence and human suffering.” 

Since the Iran-backed group’s attack, tensions between Israel and Gaza have spiraled out of control. Gaza’s Health Ministry said that over 6,000 Palestinians were killed in the Palestinian territory since October 7. 

Ties with Morocco and Israel may be strained due to Moroccan carrier Royal Air Maroc (RAM) cancelling flights to and from Tel-Aviv from October 19 to 30.  

RAM undertook the decision due to the escalation clashes between Gaza and Israel. 


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