Morocco has plans to “rehabilitate” its Atlantic coast


In what is a reaction to what hes describes as a manouevre of his opponents when it comes to the contentious issue of the Western Sahara, Morocco’s King Mohammed VI directed his focus to improving the country’s Atlantic coast, according to The North Africa Post. 

Whilst Morocco is heavily linked to Europe due its Mediterranean coastline, the monarch noted that the country’s Atlantic coast is a, “gateway to Africa and the Americas”. 

The king made the remarks on November 6 during a speech commemorating the 48th anniversary of the Green March. Dubbed the decolonisation of Morocco, the Green March was a mass demonstration that took place in November 1975, led by the Moroccan government and military, to force Spain to hand over the disputed province of Spanish Sahara to the North African country. 

The monarch stressed the necessity of a rehabilitation of the national coastline “including the part in the Moroccan Sahara region bordering the Atlantic, and re-engineer this geopolitical space at the African level,”.  

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The kingdom has 80% of control over the disputed territory of the Western Sahara and in late 2020, then US President Donald Trump’s administration recognised Morocco’s sovereignty over the territory as debate over the issue rages on. 

Recently, the Algeria-backed Polisario Front claimed responsibility for a projectiles firing into residential areas of the Saharan town of Es-Smara. 

Local Moroccan authorities stated that the attack injured three and killed one as four separate blasts took place late last month over a few days. 

Regarding the development of the Atlantic coastline, King Mohammed VI boasted that it would, “facilitate connectivity between the different countries bordering the Atlantic, provide for means of transportation, build logistics platforms, and consider the development of a strong, competitive national commercial marine fleet.” 

The North Africa Post


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