Morocco has high hopes for international dwarf tournament


Morocco’s Short Stature Football team will seek to replicate the recent success of the men’s national team as the international dwarf football competition got underway at the beginning of the month, reports Africa News. 

The Atlas Lions, Africa’s number 1 team, went on a stunning run in the Qatar World Cup last year beating the likes of Spain and Portugal to reach the semis, eventually losing to 2018 World Champions France 2-0. 

The Short Stature team will seek a success story of their own as they compete in the inaugural international dwarf competition following qualification to the tournament back in May when they came out triumphant against Iraq. 

Founded in 2017 by Nazir Benkettaba, the team captain, they played their first match in October of that year which then led to the establishing of the Moroccan Association for Short Stature which continues to be headed by the skipper. 

Regarding the international tournament, Benkettaba said, “The players are ready. They are not afraid”. 

Currently, 300 players play under the banner of the association as the founder hopes to attract more attention to the sport.  

Africa News


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