Morocco is seeking to make the English language a key part of life as the teaching of the language will take a step further, according to Maghreb Arabe Presse (MAP), December 3. 

From 2025 onwards, English will be taught at all levels of middle school as well as being introduced at various other levels. 

Although there will be huge focus on English, it will not overshadow the French language which will continue to be prominent in the school curriculum according to Morocco’s education authorities. 

It has previously been reported that over 60% of Moroccans speak French.

Moroccan students have to go through six years of primary school and three years of middle school before moving up to upper secondary school.

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The promotion of English in Morocco is seen as vital by the Ministry of Education due to the fact that it is the most used language around the world therefore opening the door for young Moroccans seeking to pursue a career in sciences and technology.  

The senior education official noted that, “With regard to the current academic year, the number of English language teaching staff is sufficient at the lower-middle school level and no problem is expected”. 

In neigbouring Algeria, the French language is being slowly driven out of universities in favour of English and a change which sees the higher use of the language has occurred since the start of the term in September. 

Algerians have seemingly turned their backs on their French heritage and Emmanuel Macron’s previous derogatory comments regarding the North African country’s history and culture has been unhelpful, if anything it has played into Algeria’s hands. 

Over recent times, Paris and Algiers have had frosty relations as many point the finger at France’s head of state for such tensions. 

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