Libyan authorities sitting on a gold mine


Libyan authorities said on December 3 that an illegal gold mine was foiled, reports Africa News. 

An unauthorised gold mining network had been operating for a lengthy period of time in the Libyan desert where Chinese, Nigeriens and workers from neigbouring Chad, employed by a Libyan, were on the record books.

The Prosecutor’s office said in a statement that the network had been carrying out, “gold mining activities in violation of regulations” and “without the agreement of the authorities” in the country’s south. 

Most working in the mine were on Libyan territory illegally and the majority, if not all, were from the three aforementioned countries. 

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The Prosecutor’s office released photos showing shallow rectangular pools akin to swimming pools which were dug in the middle of the desert and containing nuggets of black and gold metal which have now been seized. 

Similar activities have taken place in the North African country. Recently, the authorities clamped down on an illegal mining network, this time a cryptocurrency operation in the West. Numerous fraudsters were arrested in the raid. 

The relevant authorities noted that these dubious operations are not always easy to track down, however they insisted that they would continue to do everything in their power to tackle them.  

Africa News 


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