Macron perseveres with rejected anti immigrant bill


Despite a rejection of a draft law on December 11, Macron’s minority government are still persevering with their controversial immigration bill, according to The Guardian.

The President’s Renaissance Party lost its parliamentary majority in elections in June 2022. Since then, the government has struggled to pass bills. 

Government spokesperson Olivier Veran told reporters on December 12 after a cabinet meeting that the commission would be put in place swiftly as well as being hopeful that the government could reach a compromise with opposition MPs. 

Mr Veran said that the commission will be made up of seven representatives from each house of parliament and will aim to return the revised bill to both chambers for a vote.  

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Lawmakers on the left argued that the draft law was too tough on immigration whereas the hard right argued that it was too lax as National Rally leader Marine Le Pen claimed it was a “pro-immigration law”. 

The bill aimed to show that the under-pressure Emmanuel Macron was toughening his stance on immigration, an issue high on the political agenda in France, as well as effectively integrating migrants into French society. 

Following the rejection, Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin, who offered to resign following the gaffe, said that December 11’s vote was “against France”. The minister remained hopeful of a breakthrough before the end of the year, “so that we adopt a strong law against illegal immigration.” 

The Guardian


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